Friday, September 16, 2011

Y3W: Meet My Ellie

Meet "My Ellie".

Ellie or as Cecilia refers to her  "My Ellie" was a gift  given to Cecilia from my cousin, Lesley when she was only a few days old.  Ellie is a snuggle buddy, she's part elephant, part blanket. Cecilia loves her. Her attachment with Ellie started early, as soon as she was able to grab for toys, she always went for Ellie first.

Every night before she goes to bed she has to find Ellie. Cecilia likes to hide Ellie throughout the house and make mommy and daddy find her (I think she does this so she can stay up later). Ellie has been found in bathroom cabinets, night stand drawers and even in Cari, our dog's toy box.  On Sunday we let Cecilia take Ellie to my parents and then to Daniel's dad's.  We normally don't let her go anywhere with Ellie for fear that we'll leave Ellie somewhere or even worse, we'll lose Ellie.  

On Sunday though we knew we'd be gone for the majority of the day and we thought if Cecilia had Ellie the more likely she would be to take a nap (she normally doesn't nap anywhere but home and daycare). She took a great nap at Daniel's dad's (with Ellie of course).  We didn't leave Daniel's dad and step mom's until after 7:00, which was past Ci's bed time. It wasn't until we were five minutes from our house I realized we forgot Ellie.  Daniel said there was no way we were going to turn around and drive the twenty minutes back to his dad's.  Cecilia would have to do without Ellie for one night.

After her bath, Ci asked "Where's my Ellie?" I explained to her that she left Ellie at Mom mom and Pop pop's and that Charley (my father in law's boxer who Cecilia adores) would take care of Ellie for her.  At first she cried, but once I told her Ellie was safe with Charley she was okay.  The following day my amazing father in law brought Ellie to Daniel at work.  Cecilia was so happy to sleep with her Ellie that night.

The next morning Daniel told her as we getting ready to leave that Ellie needed a bath tonight.  Later on that evening, Cecilia told me she had to go to the potty. I was making dinner so I told her to go to the bathroom and when she's done call for mommy.  The next thing I hear is the bath tub turn on.  I run into the bathroom and see Ellie in the bath tub.  Cecilia looked up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes and said, "I give Ellie a bath!"

I busted out laughing.  She was too cute, I couldn't be mad at her. We did tell her Ellie needed a bath.  So while Cecilia took her bath that night, Daniel gave Ellie a bath and put her in the dryer so when Cecilia got out of the tub, Ellie was ready for her.  She grabbed her Ellie, we read a book, sung a song and then I tucked her in.  As I was tucking her in she asked me, "Take a picture of me and my Ellie" and that's how we get to today's "Your Three Words."

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Have a great Friday! My day will be easy today, I only have to work for an hour and a half and then I head off to help set up for our employee appreciation picnic. The rest of the day I'll be busy mingling with my coworkers, eating great food and playing  Corn Hole and volleyball.

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