Thursday, May 31, 2012

3 On Thursday: 3 Weird Foods

Two blog posts in one day!  I am on a roll today!  I had to join in on Andrea and Cole’s Three On Thursday!

This week they ask:

What 3 foods do you eat that are weird? What foods do you eat that other people would think are strange?

According to my husband I eat a lot of weird foods, but if you ask me, he’s the weirdo for not eating them!

1.       If you grew up in Maryland (and most parts of Delaware) it’s probably a given that you love Chesapeake Bay crabs!  There’s nothing like having your closest friends over and eating a bushel of delicious steamed crabs!  It’s even better when you caught those crabs! It’s been years since I’ve been crabbing with my dad or one of my uncles, but I love getting the crabs, putting them in the crab pot and watching them steam with the smell of Old Bay!

For those of you who don’t know what the inside of a blue crab looks like, here’s the best picture I could find:

That yellow stuff? We call it mustard…it’s actually the crab’s ummm poop.  We don’t eat it, but if I happen to get some on a piece of crab while picking it I don’t clean it off.  Grossed out yet?

We had Crabs this past weekend and they were delicious!! Usually we try to get crabs at least every other week.

2.       Another love of mine is also a summertime food.  I love tomato sandwiches.  All it is a few sliced of tomato with some salt inbetween two slices of bread with some mayo.  It is my absolute favorite thing to eat in the summer!!!

This absolutely grosses my husband out!  He hates tomatos and mayonnaise.

3.       And finally, I think this will gross most of you out! It’s called scrapple? Ever heard of it? Scrapple is defined  by Wikipedia as is traditionally a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices.  And let me tell ya, It is yummy!  This is another one of those foods that I think you had to be raised on to love.  I believe you can only get scrapple in Maryland, Delaware and certain parts of Pennsylvania.  We use it as a breakfast food and serve it with eggs, pancakes or french toast.  We also make Scrapple and Egg sandwiches.   Daniel and I both love scrapple and Cecilia is a lover of scrapple!  It’s her favorite breakfast meat, she prefers it over bacon and sausage any day.

The show Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel actually visited our favorite Scrapple brand, Hughes Maid Scrapple’s headquarters (which is 15 minutes from my house) to see how scrapple was made. 

So are you grossed out yet?  Sorry!  There are a few foods that everyone seems to like, but I can’t exactly acquire the taste for… namely coffee, guacamole and onions.

Have a great Thursday!  Tomorrow is Friday!!!! Enjoy your day and be sure to link up with Andrea and Cole for Three on Thursday!


AndreaLeigh said...

Hmmm, scrapple? Interesting!

I love tomato sandwiches as well! it is a summer staple!

Cole said...

My grandma was from Newfoundland and scrapple was one of her specialties. YUM!