Monday, September 19, 2011

2 on Tuesday: 09/20/11

Happy Tuesday!  Who looks forward to Tuesdays?  Me! Why well for two reasons actually, I get to go to my Bootcamp class AND it's one of my new favorite weekly blog hops, 2 on Tuesday!

This week's questions are (there's two!)

Many fall shows are starting up again this week. What two shows are you most looking forward to?
What two cleaning products make your life easier?

So first question first!

Many fall shows are starting up again this week. What two shows are you most looking forward to?

Hi, my name is Mindy and I am a gleek (a fan of the show, Glee!),  The hubs and I have been fans since that preview they gave of Glee way back in May of 2009 after American Idol.  They showed one episode, but hubs and I were hooked.  We had to wait until the following September to see more.   I can't sing (or dance), but each week I live vicariously through the Glee characters!  

Daniel would kill me if he knew I put on the internet for the world to see that he watches Glee!  So let's keep it our little secret! 

The second show I cannot wait to season premiere is tomorrow night (Wednesday) 

 Once again, Daniel and I have been fan of Modern Family since it's premiere two seasons ago! We love it (and apparently so does the Emmy voters, Modern family cleaned up at the Emmy's on Sunday)! I am a huge fan of Julie Bowen's (who happens to be a fellow Marylander) and I have been since her days on Ed.  Modern Family's writers are genuis and every episode gets better and better! 

In a close third and fourth is The Big Bang Theory and uh...The Bachelor (yes, I watch that reality tv trash!) 

 And for the second question this week:

What two cleaning products make your life easier?

  The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a life saver, especially with a Toddler!  It can seriously clean up anything, hand marks on a wall, spaghetti o's on your baseboard.  It is amazing! I love it! 

And number 2 goes to..

 Method Antibacterial Cleaner.  I really would put the whole method line here if I could.  I absolutley LOVE Method products, they work great, they are green and are safe to use around your kiddies and pets.  My favorite scent is the orange zest. You can buy Method cleaners at your local Target.

So what two tv shows are you looking forward to watching AND what are your two favorite cleaning products? Link up on 2 on Tuesday at My Chihuahua Bites.


etta said...

Happy 2 on Tuesday!

I love the Method products! I don't love the dish soap, though. I recently started washing more of our dishes by hand and didn't feel it was cutting through grease and what not, so I switched back to Dawn. I still use at least 4 other products in my home, though!

Bren @ Four-Legged Mom said...

Oh I love my Magic Eraser! Those things are awesome!! Now if they could just make one BIG enough to erase some people out of my life! LMAO just kidding! :-)

Mandy said...

I think women should start giving new moms the Magic Eraser at baby's definitely a necessity!

Cole said...

I haven't watched Modern Family yet. Guess I'm missing out!

Tricia Loves Makeup said...

Stopping by from 2oT.
These are my two favorite as well (TV shows).
Happy Tuesday!