Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hair Disaster!

There will be no Weigh In Wednesday post today, I have been so consumed by Cecilia’s upcoming birthday party and getting my house company ready I haven’t had a chance to eat right or exercise.  After this weekend I will be back on the band wagon.
Anyways, several of my Twitter and Blogger friends color their own hair, Mandy and Bren both do a great job at it.  On Sunday I got the bright idea to color my own hair.  My roots were looking horrible and I desperately needed to do something before Cecilia’s party this weekend.  I didn’t want to look back at pictures and cringe, because my hair looked horrible.  So while at Target I picked up a bottle of blonde hair dye.  It was one of the more expensive dyes so I was hoping it would look good.  Paying $18 for hair dye verses the $100 plus I would pay in my salon was worth it or so I thought.

I am an impatient person and after putting Ci in bed on Sunday night I busted out the hair dye. I followed the instructions, I thought I got it everywhere it needed to be, I left it in for 20 minutes, washed it, dried and put on the conditioner.  I combed my wet hair after I got out of the shower and I notice it was orangish.  Then I look at my roots. I missed a HUGE spot.  It looked horrible.  I looked like a leapord.  I was almost in tears.

When I walked out of the bathroom Daniel said, “What in the hell did you do to your hair?”  I seriously could of broken down in tears.  I explained how he’s always saying I spend too much money, getting my hair done, eye brows done, etc. and I wanted to save money…but in the end I effed my hair up even more! Because our week is so crazy I couldn’t get an appointment until Thursday with my hair stylist.  Until then I am walking around looking like this!

I want a change..I am tired of going blonde, blonde in the summer.  I found this picture of Jennifer Aniston’s angled bob and I think this is what I want.  What do you think?

So the lesson is learned, don’t take short cuts.  Leave the hair coloring to a professional!!  Have you ever had any hair mishaps? 


MommyMandy Musings said...

Love that jennifer color! Don't worry, I mess up my hair ALL the time...the only reason I've gotten better with it over the past few years is because I've been coloring blond every six weeks since I was 16! It takes a lot of practice and a lot of orange/green hair {I've ended up with both before,hahah} Hope your stylist can fix it up nice for you!

Brenda (Four-Legged Mom ) said...

I wouldn't sweat it either. This past time, I highlighted mine and instead of using "strands", I decided to "chunk" it. :) Yeah, I did one side better than the other so went right back and "rechunked" :). I hate consistency, even with my hair. A more natural "chunky" DIY look is better imo! BTW, your pic doesn't look bad at all imo.

kourtney said...

Aww! We've all done it! I dye my hair as well, but I don't do anything fancy, just brown! I JUST recently started going back to a salon to do it, only because of laziness. But I will go about 10 wks in between! Love the pic of Jen's hair, try it out! Your hair looks like it falls straight and you wouldn't have many problems. Plus her roots are dark, so you might get some help on that end! I've had a big mishap-the red dye [WHY?!] I chose one year, turned out hot pink. When I was out in the sun, it smelled like it was burning off. Good times.