Monday, September 26, 2011

2 on Tuesday: 09/27/11

On last week's 2 on Tuesday you obviously saw that I spend way too much time in front of the TV. I am so glad it's fall again and my favorite TV shows have returned.  I also have a few new shows that may also make it to the season pass on my DVR (Two Broke Girls, The New Girl, Revenge & PanAm).

What I hate though is when you get attached to show and its characters and then all of a sudden it ends.  That brings me to this week's 2 on Tuesday question from My Chihuahua Bites:

What two television shows that have gone off the air do you miss?

Like the rest of America, I loved tuning into Friends on Must See TV on Thursday nights. My mom and I watched together every week, rooting for Ross and Rachel to get finally get together, we couldn't believe that Monica and Chandler became a couple and eventually got married and every week we laughed at Phoebe and Joey's great one liners. Even now when I catch a Friends rerun on TV I get hooked (even though I have most of the seasons on DVD and I've probably seen every episode at least 50 times).

I wish they would do a Friends reunion or movie so we could see where our favorite characters ended up, but I doubt that will ever happen since most of the cast has moved onto other things.

Sex and The City, oh how I miss you! I didn't jump on the Sex and The City bandwagon until college (fall of 2001), but I fell in love with the characters, the clothes and New York City.  I was Team Aidan, but I think in the end Carrie and Big are meant for one another. I loved the movies (even the second one) and I hope there will be a third. Every year I ask the hubs for the seasons on DVD, but in the six years we've been together I haven't gotten one season yet (maybe this year?) 

Close runner ups are The OC, Party of Five and The Hills.

What two TV shows do you miss the most? Go over to My Chihuahua Bites and link up! I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!


Cole said...

I would be thrilled to see Friends do a reunion show. I get so emotionally invested in some of these characters!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

You hit my two on the nail. Friends and sex in the city! I still watch reruns all the time.

Tricia Loves Makeup said...

I love both of those shows. I was in college when Sex and the City got big. We used to have all my friends over to watch it. So fun!

etta said...

Happy 2 on Tuesday!

I'd love to see a Friends reunion where Ross & Rachel are married. Plus, I'm sure watching Monica & Chandler with TWO babies would be hilarious.

We didn't have HBO when I was growing up, so I didn't jump on the SATC bandwagon until it hit TBS. It was great, though.

Mrs. Smith said...

Love SATC. I didn't actually watch when it was on the air - we didn't have HBO - but I love watching now. The shoes are still fabulous. :)

Amy said...

Yes, those are two great shows.. I so forgot Party of Five.. That was a great show also.. Gosh it is hard when great shows leave..

Holly said...

I was late to the party with SITC too but once I got hooked I couldn't stop watching.. I was sad when it ended and I want more moves!! I'm watching all of those new shows you listed as well. I was really surprised with Pan Am.

kourtney said...

Isn't it crazy that Friends is now on Nick at Night?! Makes me feel so old! I'm afraid to say, I never got into SATC, I did watch the movies, but never the show.

AndreaLeigh said...

i love sex and the city. i don't think there has been a show that can even compare to it. i have all the dvds and I watch them often.