Friday, September 23, 2011

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

This week I am joining in The Mommyhood Chronicles Saturday's Top 5 Laughs.

Cecilia is getting to that age, she'll be two and a half next month where she is very vocal. I love it! Years from now it will be fun to look back on this with her.

Here are my top 5 laughs from this week:

1. Cecilia was quite the dancer at my cousin's wedding reception on Saturday, it didn't matter what type of music was on she was out on the dance floor shaking her booty. She was determined to keep up with the big kids!

She's the littlest one there.
2. Every night after Cecilia is getting out of the bath tub, brushing her teeth and while we put her pajamas on we sing songs.  Each night I ask her what song she wants to sing, her current favorites are "Bumblebee Song", "ABCs" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." On Wednesday night I asked her what song she wanted to sing and she said "Birthday song." So we sang the "Happy Birthday song." When I got to the part of whose birthday it was, she said Jackson's (little boy from daycare who recently had a birthday.) I love how she is beginning to remember things.

3.  On Thursday night as we were putting her pajamas on I asked her what we were going to sing.  She said "Play-doh" (her play doh was still out from where she played with it earlier). I told her there wasn't a play doh song.  She said "Uh huh mommy "and sings," Play-doh, play-doh, PLAAAYYYYYY DOOOHHHHH. All done mommy, now you sing.."

4.  Friday night after work we went grocery shopping to the place I hate the most, our local Super Wal Mart.  Wal Mart is the most convenient place for us to shop after we pick Cecilia up from daycare.  I loathe Wal Mart, I'd much rather spend the extra money and go to Safeway.  Daniel refuses though, he claims WalMart has the best prices (which they do), but I just cannot stand some of the people who shop there.  There isn't a website called People of WalMart for nothing.  We still don't buy our meat from there though...just the essentials (toilet paper, paper towels and some groceries). Anyway, when we turned in the opposite direction of home, Cecilia asked "Are we going to Mom mom and Pop pop's?"  We told her "No, we're going to WalMart." Then she said "We're going to WalMart!? Cici's Walmart?!" As we get closer every building she sees she points, "That's Cici's WalMart." I tell her, "No that's Lowes." Then she sees another shopping Center, "Is THAT Cici's WalMart?" "Nooo.."  Finally when WalMart is in view, "There's Cici's WalMart!" I love how everything is hers and how she refers to everything in third person even if it is WalMart.

5. Tonight we showed Cecilia the brochure for the amusement park we will hopefully be visiting tomorrow (weather permitting!) and she sees it and says, "Wow, mommy look at those slides!" Referring to all of the rollercoasters.  We laughed, we never thought of how a roller coaster, especially on a map can look like slides to a two year old.

Visit Melissa from The Mommyhood Chronicles' "Saturday's Top 5 Laughs" What are your kids Top Five Laughs from this week?

Also, I don't have any guesses to where we are going today (Saturday) yet.  The first follower of mine to guess correctly will get a prize, regardless if we go or not.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Julie said...

How cute! I can't wait until Isaac can talk like that and let his personality show through. She's such a big girl now.

I'm going to guess Hershey Park. I hope you get to go!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

My guess is six flags?? Anyway, those are hysterical. That is so cute that she remembered her friends birthday. She is so pretty as well. Isnt it funny how they call everything theirs. My dog,my car,my super walmart,lol. I'm glad you wrote this. I really enjoyed reading. Have a great Saturday.