Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Want To Know Wendesday: 09/14/11

I am participating in a new blog hop this week from Mamarazzi (I love that name, I think all of us have a little mamarazzi in them!) and Queso (love that name too, makes me think of Mexican food!) called We Want To Know Wednesday. It’s similar to 5 Question Friday and hopefully by doing this I will find more blogs to read  (and maybe get some new followers!).

1} What are 3 must haves for a long road trip?

1. Kindle.. my Kindle was my best friend on our most recent road trip.  I read most of a book on the way there and an entire book on the way back.
2. Portable DVD player for Ci.  That thing was a lifesaver.  I just felt bad for my sister in law who rode in back with Ci, she had to watch Dora 4,000 times.
3. Tied for third is my cell phone and the GPS. My cell phone was a lifesaver on our last road trip, I looked up weather information to see when the rain would pass (all the way from Delaware to Richmond we drove through horrible thunderstorms).  Then the GPS so I won’t have to look at a map like we had to back in the day.  The first road trip I had with my hubs, was six months after we started dating in 2005.  We went to Williamsburg, VA and some how we ended up right in the center of DC.  Not the nicer part either, the ghetto! So after that we didn’t travel without a GPS.

{2} What was the destination of your most recent road trip?

Just last month me, the hubs, Ci and my SIL, Lauren took the 8.5 hour drive from Delaware to Myrtle Beach, SC.  We were expecting it to be horrible, because Ci does not do well in cars.  She cries when we are in the car for ten minutes, she would never survive 8 hours.  We left at 3:00 am so Cecilia and Lauren slept until 6:30. At 7:00 we stopped for breakfast (Cracker Barrell of course, the must stop place on any road trip) and for the remainder of the trip Cecilia stayed glued to Dora.   It wasn’t until we got outside of Wilmington, North Carolina (under an hour away from where we were staying in North Myrtle) that she asked, “Can we go home?” Home was a far ways away!

On the way back we left around 10:00 am and she did great until we got in Alexandria (the other side of DC, two hours from home) and then she started getting fussy.  If I could I would have thrown a temper tantrum too, I was ready to be home!
{3} What do you miss most about home when on a trip?

My bed.  Where we stayed at Myrtle Beach (a privately owned condo we book through VRBO) the bed was not comfortable.  I could not wait to get back home to my memory foam mattress. 

{4} What is the furthest you have traveled on a road trip?

When I was with my ex we road tripped to Tampa, FL it wasn’t horrible, but if a trip is over 10 hours I prefer to fly instead of drive. 

{5} Will you "stop for the largest ball of twine, etc" or are you a "hurry and get there" road tripper?

I am the type of person who likes to stop.  I like kitschy things.  Daniel does not and since he’s driving.  He usually wins!

Before our Myrtle Beach trip I thought road trips with Cecilia were impossible, she hates the 45 minute trip to the Delaware beaches.  We went to the Outer Banks of North Carolina when she was 4 months old and it was the worst trip ever.  She screamed the entire time.  I felt horrible and nothing we did soothed her.  But now that she did great with this trip hopefully there will be a lot more road trips in our future!  

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Alicia said...

my husband LOVES cracker barrel!! they don't have them where i live so anytime we're on the road he HAS to stop there. i would love to go to myrtle looks so pretty!