Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2 on Tuesday: 09/06/11

Today I am linking up with My Chihuahua Bites for the first time for Two on Tuesday!

She is asking:

What are your two favorite things about fall?

I can only pick TWO things? That is going to be hard...fall is my second favorite season (almost tied with summer for first, but I can't go to the beach and lay out on most fall days, so summer wins!)

I love getting out my fall clothes, sweaters, boots, jeans... I love bonfires and hayrides, I love pumpkin picking, but my two favorite things about fall have to be:

Baltimore Ravens FOOTBALL!!!!!

I'm  a huge Ravens fan and I have been since the Ravens moved to Baltimore way back when I was in middle school.  There's nothing I love more in the fall then going over to my parents house on a Sunday, sitting back with my entire family (my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins) and watching the Ravens beat up on another team.  We cheer, we boo and sometimes we curse, but year after year we seem to make the play offs.

This weekend though I will not be watching the game in my parents living room, instead I will be right there at M&T Bank Stadium proudly wearing my purple and balck and watching the Ravens whip up on some Steelers! {My good friend who is a Steelers fan is going with me, it should be an interesting ride home after we kill her team!}

The second thing I love about fall is....

Pumpkin everything!

I love everything pumpkin related, whether it be food with pumpkin in it, drinks with pumpkin spices,  or burning a pumpkin scented candle {which I did this weekend while I cleaned, Pumpkin Vanilla from Yankee Candle is my favorite!}.

What are your two favorite things about fall?  Head over to My Chihuahua Bites and link up!


(Wild) Rice said...

I love pumpkin rolls! One of my favorite parts of fall.

Stopping by from the Linky on 2 for Tuesdays.

AndreaLeigh said...

yum! that pumpkin roll looks delicious! i can't wait to make some fall goodies!

thanks so much for linking up today!

Tricia Loves Makeup said...

Hi! Stopping by from 2oT.
I love pumpkin bread, may have to try that pumpkin roll. Thanks for sharing!

etta said...

Happy 2 on Tuesday!

That pumpkin roll looks amazing. I need one. Now.

MamaPhan said...

Ahh, it's going to be a little sad when the Steelers beat the Ravens. ;)

Totally teasing. My favorite thing about fall is sweater weather!