Tuesday, September 13, 2011


On our way home from work on Friday night, Daniel and I realized we had no plans. Nada.  This is unusual for us, usually every weekend on Friday and Saturday night we have something to do, whether it be having friends over for poker or going out for a date night.  He told me to call my parents to see what they were doing.

I called my mom and she told me they were going to a 9/11 Memorial in the county seat of where I grew up.  I asked if anyone could come and she said yes, so I told her we'd get back to her.  I told Daniel what they were doing and he immediately said, "Let's go." 

My dad is a retired police..  He spent twenty five yeas of his life protecting his community.  He started off as a police officer in my home town, then went to work as a road officer for the county Sheriff's Department.  While at the Sheriff's Department he was promoted to a detective and eventually became the lead deputy of the Criminal Investigations unit there.  He also was the head of the Drug Task Force which served three counties on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  After leaving that job he accepted a position as Chief of Police of the town where he started at.  He loved doing police work and I know he misses it.

Any opportunity he gets, my dad supports local police departments and this memorial was no exception.

We met my parents at the memorial service.  When we walked up to the courthouse green my breath was taken away.

 I have been to my share of police office and fireman funerals and the sight of the American flag being hung from the ladders of two fire trucks always gives me chills.

Cecilia loved watching the parade of fire trucks come in.

She stood up to the sound of the bagpipes as the Maryland State Police honor guard walked in.

The first speaker was an officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, he was one of the first responders to the World Trade Center. He told us his story of the tragic events that day, I don't think there was a dry eye in the crowd.

Cecilia showed her love for the USA.

The next speaker was the former Maryland State Police Commissioner. He recounted the days from hearing about he attacks, to assisting getting first responders up to New York in the safest way possible to help with the rescue efforts.  He also told us of stories of how Maryland State Troopers had the horrible job of telling families in Maryland that their loved ones were dead, because of the attacks in New York and at the Pentagon.
The last part of the ceremony was the dedication of the 9/11 flag by the Sherriffs Department, the flag represents, The Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon and  the plane crash in Pennsylvania. Every year on September 11th that flag will be flown on the Courthouse Green.

 After the memorial service, we walked around and Cecilia loved checking out the fire trucks.

She also made a new friend:

I think her favorite part of the night was getting to spend time with her Mom mom and Pop pop. I love this picture of Cecilia with my dad in the background.

The memorial service brought back a lot of emotions from that horrible day in our history.  I think all of us remember where we were and what we were doing.  Please not only honor your local police departments and fire fighters once a year on 9/11, but every day.  They are out there serving and protecting your community.

Also, I want to add almost 3,000 people lost their loves on September 11th and the days and weeks following the attacks.  Please don't forget those who have lost their lives in the years since.  One of my dad's mentors and best friends worked for FEMA and went up the the World Trade Center to help with the relief efforts.  He was true public servant. In 2009 he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and after a little more then a year fighting the disease he lost his life, he left his wife, daugher, son in law and two adorable grandkids behind.  He developed Mesothelioma, because of the over 400,000 tons of asbestos in the World Trade Center.   Mr. Ollie was just one many who have delveoped this horrible disease.

While the Memorial Service was difficult, I am glad we went. I hope our children never have to expereince a day like 9/11/01.


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beautiful post!!

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Wow. I bet it was so moving to be there for that.