Friday, September 23, 2011

Uncle Glenn: Part 3 {Happy birthday!}

On Sunday morning, everyone still tired from the festvities from the night before we all met at my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Glenn's for a 60th Birthday Breakfast for Uncle Glenn. My mom, another one of my aunts, several of my cousins, Uncle Glenn's cousin and his family, Daniel and I were there to celebrate.

We all (or Ci, Lesley and I) had our jerseys on since it was football Sunday.

Lesley, Ci, my cousin, Char, me, my cousin, Connie and my cousin, Becky
Daddy and his girl

After everyone had breakfast we made sure leave one of Uncle Glenn's favorites a cinnamon roll for the ever important birthday candle.

Here's Connie bringing in the "cake:". (Don't you love the deer head on the wall, that used to annoy my Aunt Bonnie, but after all that's happened she said she would let Uncle Glenn hang a thousand animals on her wall if it would make him healthy again.)

And Uncle Glenn blowing out his candle.
Daddy and his little girl.

Happy birthday, Uncle Glenn! I am sorry our Ravens played a horrible game and couldn't give you a win on your birthday.  I love you and I hope they will find a cure for ALS and you will have many more birthdays to celebrate!


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