Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust...

I kid with my blog title, but the long running joke in our family was that my cousin, John would never get married.  He's not by any means old {he's a young 33} and he is no stranger to long term relationships {he has been engaged three times}.  It is true what they say third time is the charm.  In 2008, John started dating Amy and I knew she was the one from the moment I met her {or re-met her, I knew Amy when we were younger, but we hadn't seen one another in 18 or so years} that she was the one for John.

Neither John or Amy are the traditional type. They didn't want a big wedding so they decided to get married at the Polynesian Resort in Disney World.  Their wedding was a week and a half ago on September 9th and when they returned they had a reception.  Unlike your normal wedding reception John and Amy requested everyone dress casual {like I said they are far from traditional}.  So we followed the invitation and dressed down, we also brought Cecilia. We usually would have her stay with a sitter, but John and Amy wanted it to be a family event.

John and Amy had brought Cecilia back Minnie Mouse {shocker!} clips from Disney World.  I attempted to put them in her hair, but they wouldn't stay in.

When we walked into the tent I loved all of the details Amy and Mitchell put into their wedding reception.

 My mom made the confetti in Mickey Mouse shapes and the table numbers (I wish that creative gene was passed down to me!)

Here's my cousin Lesley signing the signature mat which has a picture of John and Amy from their wedding in Florida.

I love where Cecilia "signed" her name AKA mommy held her hand and guided it to write Cecilia.   

Even though they didn't want it to be traditional they still had traditional compenents of a wedding reception

The first dance

Mother/Son Dance

Cutting the cake
...and smashing the cake!    

And there was lots of dancing... 

 I was able to spend some time with my bff of 17 years!  Her husband and John were good friends in school.  Anytime Denise and I hang out we have fun!

 But the best part of the night was spending time with my wonderful family!

My cousin, Matthew, my cousin's daughter, Kacie &  my cousin, Michael

Me, with the new Mr. & Mrs.

My Aunt Karen, Ci & I

My cousins, Becky, Sarah, Connie, new cousin in law, Amy, John, Jessica, me & Lesley

My cousin, Lesley and my cousin's daughter, Gracie

My Aunt Bonnie & Uncle Glenn

My cousin, Jessica & her husband, Wes

Me & my hubby

Me & my daddy

My cousin, Lesley and my Aunt Karen

My Aunt Karen, me and Lesley
Me & my cousin, Connie

My momma, Ci and I

 Best of wish to John and Amy! John, you may have bit the dust, but I am glad you waited and found  a special person like Amy.  Amy, welcome to our family! We are so excited to have you.  Now you two need to get busy and have some babies!



Carolee Sperry said...

It looks like a great time was had by all.

I like the weddings where you "dress down"...you can have more fun without having to worry about getting messy, or breaking an ankle in high heals- lol!

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Myya said...

This looked like a fantastic reception! I love all the "Mickey" touches. Anything where you can get pictures like that & everyone is having a great time, they definitely did a great job!