Monday, September 19, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

I have a love/hate relationship with surprises.  I love being surprised,  I love when my hubby brings me flowers just because, but I requested that neither my bridal shower or baby shower be a surprise.  My luck I’d walk in, in sweats with no make up and my hair a hot mess.  Anyways, I know I’ve said it before and I will probably say it 1000 more times on this blog, but I love my family!  My mom was the baby of nine so needless to say I have a lot of cousins, 18 first cousins, 26 second cousins (my cousin’s kids) and 1 third cousin to be exact.  . For the longest time I was the baby of my cousins. I had 14 cousins that were older then me, there was a five year span between me and the next to youngest my cousin, Lesley.  Then when I was 6, my cousin Matthew was born, then his brother, Ethan and the baby is now Sarah who is 14.

For the most part I see my cousins several times a year.  We all live within two to three hour drive from where our parents grew up. All of us except for one, my cousin, Lesley. Lesley’s father, my Uncle Ernie moved to Florida as soon as he graduated high school.  He hated cold weather and wanted to live somewhere warmer.  When he moved there he met my Aunt Karen and they had a gorgeous baby girl who they named Lesley.  Lesley is the cousin I am closest in age with, she’s just under five years older then me.  We used to see Lesley every few years and we’d keep in touch with the occasional letter or phone call. That all changed with social networking.  Lesley found me on Myspace and we would keep in touch on there.  Then when Facebook became really popular, we said goodbye to Myspace and joined Facebook, along with the rest of our family. 

Now instead of talking to Lesley a few times a year, I talk to her almost every single day.  I love it! The last time Lesley was up for a visit was in 2009.  So a visit was long over due.  On Saturday, Lesley posted on Facebook how she wishes she was here for my cousin, John and his wife, Amy’s wedding reception.  A few minutes later I put my status as “Going to go celebrate the marriage of Mr. & Mrs. ***** at their wedding reception.” Lesley commented on it “Wish I could be there!” I then commented back “When are you coming up here again?” And she said “Hopefully for the holidays!”

 Well imagine my surprise a few hours later. When we got to the wedding reception I walked around the corner to the entrance of the tent and at that time my mom moved and I saw my cousin, Lesley and my Aunt Karen.  I cried, like real tears rolling down my face, mascara running crying. I was in shock.  I was so glad to see her!

We had a wonderful time at the wedding reception.  I loved catching up with Lesley and my Aunt Karen.  I enjoyed watching Cecilia interact with them too.  Normally she is shy with strangers, but she warmed right up to them, especially after I told her Lesley was the one who gave her Ellie. 

Here are just a few pictures from Saturday night and one from Sunday when we gathered at my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Glenn’s for Uncle Glenn’s 60th Birthday.  {More pictures will come when I do my wedding recap post.}

Me & Aunt Karen with Cecilia

My cousin John (the one who got married a week ago) with all of his female cousins (minus Charlotte & Danielle)

Aunt Karen, Me & Lesley

Lesley & I with our favorite football teams' jerseys on
Our visit with Lesley was way too short, she goes back to Florida tomorrow.  They are staying with my cousin in Philly so we said our goodbyes yesterday.  I wish we lived closer and Lesley was able to come to every family event, but for now I will take what I can get.  Love you Lesley and miss you already!

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Tessa said...

Aww, how sweet! What a wonderful surprise! :)