Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Third Birthday Cecilia!

Three years ago today my life changed forever when I became a mother to a beautiful, eight pound, two ounce, twenty two inch long baby girl.  Cecilia Anne was welcomed into this world at 9:13 PM on April 17, 2009 after a long, 25 hour labor.  My life has not been the same since!

In the last year Cecilia has really became her own person.  She has opinions and isn’t afraid to use them.  She still prefers fruits and veggies to any type of junk food.  Her favorite vegetable is tomatoes, but she loves green beans and corn too.  She hates asparagus and turns her nose up every time I put it on her plate.  Her favorite fruits are oranges, strawberries and blueberries.  She never turns down any type of fruit though. 

She loves to be outside and we could spend hours at any of our nearby parks.  In the past year her favorite park apparatus has changed from the slide to the swings.  She loves to swing and can do so herself.  Sometimes she scares me of how high she goes!  The slide is still her second favorite.  Forget about those sissy baby slides though.  Cecilia prefers the tallest and fastest slides and doesn’t want any help getting up to them.  She also loves anything to do with a ball, whether it be throwing a football , playing catch or hitting a waffle ball.  Her new favorite obsession is basketball, one of the only things she is asking for her birthday is a basketball.  She loves playing basketball at daycare with her friends.

Speaking of her friends, Cecilia has made a few new friends this year.  Her best friend is probably Jenna, a friend that lives in our town.  She loves having Jenna over to her house or going over to Jenna’s.  Every day she asks if she can see Jenna.    Ci is still shy around new friends, but once she gets to know them, watch out, she becomes a social butterfly!

Cecilia has learned so much this year, every day she comes home from daycare learning something new.  Along with knowing her ABCs, colors, shapes and being able to count to 50, Cecilia can now count backwards.   She also is obsessed with anything involving the stars and space.  She knows what planets have rings around them and can tell you all of the planets in our solar system. She is super smart and can turn on our tablet and phones to access her favorite matching and puzzle games.   She prefers reading to watching TV or a movie any day. Hopefully she’ll love Science, because her momma hated it.  She tells us that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so hopefully that’ll stick!  

Cecilia loves to dress up and if she could she would have a tutu on every day.  However, most days when I pick her up from daycare she is dirty, because she rough houses and plays with the boys.  I always joke that she is a little tom boy who will be wearing her tutu while playing in the dirt.   She does love one very girly thing though, Hello Kitty!  Cecilia’s Hello Kitty obsession started last November and it has taken over.  She wants everything Hello Kitty she sees, whether it be a purse, shirt or Hello Kitty doll.  She loves to watch her Hello Kitty DVD.  She  even requested a Hello Kitty birthday party this year.  She started planning her own birthday party (right after Christmas), she told me she needed Hello Kitty plates, cups, napkins and balloons, along with a Hello Kitty cake.  I wonder where she gets her love of planning from?

Overall Cecilia is a very happy little girl, she wakes up most mornings with a smile on her face.  She does have moments where her daddy’s temper shows.  She doesn’t like when things don’t go her way or sharing one of her toys.  She has gotten better though.  She needs to learn how to share though if she gets the baby brother she has been asking for the past few months.    She hates sleeping in and prefers to wake up with the sun comes up, because “It’s not dark outside!”.  She still takes excellent, two to three hour daily naps most days! 

I thank God every day he blessed me with this beautiful, smart little girl.  I love waking up and seeing her smiles, every day I can’t wait to get off work to hear how her day went (and she tells us too..every little detail).  I love seeing her become her own person and having her own ideas and opinions.  She amazes me of the things she says and the songs she makes up.  I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us, before I know it she will be heading off the kindergarten.    

Happy birthday, Cecilia Anne! You will always be mommy’s little girl!


Brenda (Four-Legged Mom ) said...

Happy Birthday Cecilia! :)

Chell said...

What a darling! Happy Birthday Cecilia!

Julie said...

I can't believe she's 3! Happy birthday, Cecilia!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Aw- Happy bday baby girl!