Friday, June 1, 2012

Race Weekend

There are two weekends a year when I do all possible to try to avoid the Dover area.  This means I don’t leave my house for three days or I head south to the beach or east to my parent’s house in Maryland.  Those weekends are race weekends, when NASCAR fans from across the country come to town.   The population of Dover goes from 35,000 to 200,000 on these weekends making traffic hell!  The few times I decided to venture into Dover on race weekend it took me over an hour to go a half a mile.  Even yesterday businesses had “Welcome Race Fans” posted on their signs. Delaware State University had RVs already parked in a field by the school.

I can’t complain though, it is a great revenue for the state and city and they are probably my husband’s two favorite weekends out of the year (I think NASCAR weekend tops Christmas, birthdays and our anniversary).  When we first started dating he attended all three races on race weekend, starting with the truck race on Friday, the Nationwide race on Saturday and the Sprint Cup race on Sunday.    Businesses and hotels get a ton of revenue on these weekends and it’s like a holiday for some of the residents of Dover. 
Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in front of the track

The Monster Mile "Monster"

An aeiral view of the Dover Downs track on Race Sunday
If you would of asked me seven years ago if I was a NASCAR fan, I would of said “hell to the no.”  I still don’t consider myself a fan.  I’ve been to a few races, I prefer going to races when we have sky box tickets and I can enjoy the AC and get free food and drinks.  One year while in a sky box I met Martin Truex Jr..  He was really nice (and incredibly hot, I think he looks kind of like Daniel).  When I was talking to him though, I had no idea who he was.  I thought he was just a regular guy.  He is originally from South Jersey so we talked Philly sports.  Then Daniel walks up and he’s whispers to me, “Do you know who that guy is?” I said “No.” He said “That’s Martin Truex.” I said “Okay.”

Later after Martin and his dad had left I told Daniel “They were really nice!”  He said “You still don’t know who he was?”  I said “Martin Truex.” He said “He drives for DEI, he drives the Bass Pro Car in the Sprint Cup.” I was like “Oh cool.” The next day when he won he became my favorite driver and the one reason I actually pay somewhat attention to racing on Sundays.  I wish now I would of asked him for a picture.  Now if it was a pro football player or baseball player, I probably would have known who they were.

Ci, me & the hubs

Martin Trues Jr. (see the resemblance with him and Daniel?)

I think most people stereotype NASCAR fans as rednecks who only have a few teeth and believe me there are plenty of people at the races who fit that criteria.  So many people come out that you would not expect to be NASCAR fans. The first time I went it surprised me the amount of kids that came, some of them looked as young as two or three.  My attention span is not long enough to watch a 400 lap race, but yet these little kids watch every single lap.  It kind of reminds me of myself at an Orioles game when I was young.  I would sit in my seat and not move the entire game.  I didn’t beg my parents for hot dogs or cotton candy, I was there to watch a game.

I haven’t been to a race since Cecilia was born in 2009 and today I am going with Daniel to the truck races.  I would be lying if I said I was looking forward to it, especially since I am pregnant and I can’t partake any drinking.  I am looking forward to spending some quality time with Daniel and doing something he enjoys doing, but other than that I will be counting the hours down until I am home in bed.  Who knows maybe I’ll meet the next up and coming NASCAR driver.  As for the rest of the weekend, I will be avoiding Dover!  Tomorrow we have our niece’s first dance recital (I am sooo excited!!!!) down at the beach area.  Then Sunday is Cecilia’s little friend from daycare’s birthday party (thankfully not in Dover) and then we are going to my friend, Melanie’s daughter, Ali’s graduation party (again, thankfully not in Dover!). 

Edited to add:  It doesn't  look like I'll be attending this race either.  My mom was going to watch Ci for us, but she has a deadline for a project at work and was told to stay over.  Daniel is alredy at the track with his dad, so it looks like it will be a girls night with Ci and I.

Edited to add 2nd time: Our daycare provider came to the rescue.  I texted her to let her know that my mom wouldn't be picking up Ceclia so I would be there after I got off work.  She knew our plans for the race today.  She texted back "I can keep her tonight if you want."  I felt horrible for her having to keep her, but she swore to me it wans't a problem and she would enjoy the time with her.  She isn't just our daycare provider, but she is a longtime family friend of my family's.  I only trust about four people to watch Cecilia, my mom, my sister in law, Lauren, my friend Denise and Miss Sally.   I seriously have the best daycare provider ever!!!!!!  So I am praying the rains hold off and the race gets in.

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