Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three on Thursday: What Won't You Do?

I'm linking up with Andrea & Cole's Three on Thursday today!

This week they ask: 

What 3 Things Will You Never Do?

1.  I will never own a cat.  I'm allergic to cats and besides that I am not a cat person.  I love, love. love dogs! But cats? No thank you! Luckily the hubs agrees with me.  Unfortantely, that little three year old who lives with us loves cats. 

2.  I will never take a cross-country road trip.  I hate driving (or riding) and I get car sick fairly easy.  A car trip over 12 hours is way too much for me, I'd much rather fly!  We are driving to Tennessee for vacation in July (and I will hopefully meet one of my longest blogger friends!). It's an 11 hour drive.  I am not looking forward to the drive, especially when I'll be 14 weeks pregnant and with a potty training toddler!

3.  I will never do drugs.  I was a goody-goody growing up, my dad was a police officer and everyone knew him.  I saw what drugs did to certain family members of mine (who I have nothing to do with) and I vowed to myself I would never follow in their footsteps.  I have never even had  a cigarette.

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Amy said...

what a great list of things not to do.. We can't have a cat either because of my husband being allergic... My little girl tells me when she moves out she will get one.. Have a great day.. Stopping by 3's on Thursdays..

collettakay said...

I would totally take a cross country trip! I love road trips. In fact we're driving from PA to FL in about 10 days!

Here are my nevers:


Mary said...

Sorry to hear of your carsickness. South eastern Missouri and western Tennessee were the sight of my first bout with severe car sickness (at age 40!). Make him take breaks!

Your post sounds a lot like mine would be. I don't like cats and I am too much of a control freak for drugs.

Cole said...

Oh, I LOVE road trips!!!!! I've never done any type of drug or smoked either. I'm glad I'm not the only goody two-shoes!

Julie said...

What week are you coming? I hope we can make plans!

AndreaLeigh said...

I drove cross country twice, from GA to Washington (state) and then from WA to SC. IT WAS BRUTAL. We had to move both cars so I was alone by myself for both drives. Crazy tunes, I'm telling you. The first wasn't so bad bc it was in the summer, but the second was in the winter and I had to deal with a blizzard in OR. I just prayed the whole way.

Thanks for linking up, friend!