Monday, May 14, 2012

Five Weeks

Pregnancy: 5 weeks

Weight Gain: 0 pounds

Sleep: I’m up at least once, most of the time twice a night thanks to my bladder. 

Gender: No idea yet…I am thinking girl!

Still undecided, Daniel and I can’t agree on a boy or girls name..

Feeling: Tired!!! A special thank you to Daniel for letting me take a two and a half hour nap yesterday! The morning sickness hasn't hit me yet.  I was extremely sick with Cecilia my first trimester. 

Health: It’s been good, I have my first doctor’s appointment on June 12th.  *Fingers crossed that everything will be okay!*

Movement: None yet.

Belly: I have a big baby bloat! I seriously look five months pregnant right now, I know it’s too early to be the baby (it’s only the size of a poppyseed) , but this bloat popped up over night last week!  

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