Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Big Fat Success!

Forgive me the picture-less posts I’ve had lately.  My DLSR is not working and it costs almost $200 to have it repaired.   I haven’t gotten around to taking it in to get it repaired yet.  My cell phone (a piece crap Samsung phone from Sprint) takes HORRIBLE pictures (as you can see from my bump updates).  I am keeping my fingers crossed for an iPhone for my birthday in July!  I’ve considered buying a cheap point-n-shoot until I get my DSLR fixed, but I can’t see spending $150 for one of them when I can get my camera fixed for $200!  Decisions, decisions!

Anyway with that being said, here’s another picture-less post.

Last month I wrote a post about giving back and why I decided to start a Relay For Life Team.  You can read it here.  Well, this past Friday was our biggest fundraiser to date, our First Annual Quarter and Silent Auction.  For those of you who don’t know what a quarter auction is, it’s basically the new bingo around these parts and I have to admit they are a ton of fun!  Basically with a quarter auction you have several items up for auction, some of the items are worth over $200 and some are worth $25.  At our auction 100% of the items were donated so we decided to offer two types of paddles, an All In Paddle for $25 or a Quarter paddle for $5.  With the All-In-Paddle you could bid on all Quarter Auction items without putting in any quarters, with a Quarter Paddle, you had to put in quarters for the items you bid one.  Each item depending on it’s price was worth 1 to 4 quarters.  You never bid more the 4 quarters for any one item. 

Like I said before 100% of the items were donated and we had so many great items to auction off, including a $100 Gift Certificate to the Melting Pot, dinner cruises, a weekend away in Washington, D.C. or Cape May, NJ, theater tickets, items from Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, 31 and Celebrating Home and much, much more!  We had over 130 items to auction off between the Quarter and Silent Auction.  The last few months myself and the rest of our Relay Team has been busy getting donations, posting flyers about the auction and selling tickets.   

Friday the auction finally came and I was happy to say it was a huge success!! Between, the Quarter Auction, the Silent Auction and selling concessions we made almost $3000!  I am so thankful that people came out to support our team.  The Camden Moose Lodge (who donated their space for FREE) was packed that night.  By the time the auction was over we were having people come up to  us and telling us that this was the best Quarter Auction they have ever been to and wanted to know when the next one was.   I am so, so, proud of our team!  We worked our butts off and Friday was proof that all of our hard work paid off!

Of course our Relay Team was allowed to participate in the auction as well ( if we paid our money!)  I   came out a big winner, I won this super cute clutch donated by a local boutique here in Dover, Bel Boutique valued at $50, a basket full of Tastefully Simple items, dinner theater tickets to a Comedy Show in Lancaster, PA and sailboat ride along the Kalmar Nyckel which goes out of Wilmington and Lewes, Delaware.

Our Relay Event is two weeks from Friday and I cannot wait!  I promise to take plenty of pictures one way or another!   If you would like to donate to our Relay Team you can do so by going here.  Every donation counts, whether it’s a donation of $5 or a donation of $50!

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