Friday, July 6, 2012

20 Randoms

I found this link up on Mandy’s  blog  I thought I’d join in since I am always looking for new things to write about.  You can find out more information by visiting Hopes and Dreams

Some of you may know some of these things, but hopefully you will learn a thing or two about me.

20 Random Things About Me

1.       I am an only child.  I hated it growing up, but don’t mind it so much now.

2.       I have a phobia of frogs.  Random,  I know?  I would rather see a snake or a mouse then a frog.

3.       I also have a phobia of clowns…

4.       I don’t like characters on kids clothing.  Of course my kid is obsessed with Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse and the Disney Princesses.

5.       My favorite color is pink.

6.       I have seen every Sex and The City episode at least ten times.  I can tell an episode within the first few seconds.

7.       I was Team Aiden.

8.       I don’t like cats.  I am actually allergic to them which means no cats for Cecilia in the future.

9.       I think I grew up in one of the most gorgeous places in the world, Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

The Choptank River which is the river that my parents live at the mouth of. Image Courtesy of The Bay Dailly

       Living on the shore allowed me to live a small town life, but we were still within an hour or   two of three major cities, Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia. I love spending my summers on   theater, sailing, water skiing, knee boarding, fishing and crabbing.

10.   When I was pregnant with Cecilia, I refused to call her Cici when she was born.  What do I call her now? Cici. I try not to do it, but every now and then I find myself doing it. 

11.   Even though I am an only child, I gained three sisters when I married, Daniel.  His youngest sister, Lauren and I are especially close.  I started dating Daniel when she was 13 and she will be 21 next month.  Time flies.

12.   I always said I wanted 2 kids, but now I kinda want three.

13.   I am a huge Baltimore sports fan. 

14.   I was an Orioles fan since birth (the year I was born was the last year they won the World Series) and I have stuck by them through the many bad years.

15.   I love the Ravens, I hated football before the Ravens came to town.  Now I count down the days until kick off (61 days until NFL kick off!)

16.   I hated brussel sprouts until last month when my husband’s step mom made them for dinner, she sautéed them with olive oil and seasonings.  Now I love them.

17.   Breastfeeding my daughter for a year was probably the hardest thing I ever did.  No one ever tells you breastfeeding is hard, but it is.  I had a really bad case of Mastitis when she was 6 weeks (and I have a nasty scar from the surgery), but I kept with it.

18.   I am not an organic, baby food making, cloth diapering mom.  Nor will I ever be.  My mom formula fed me (started me on cows milk at 6 months!), gave me store bought baby food and I turned out okay.  My mom did cloth diaper, but that was only because they were poor back then!

19.   I am really shy in groups where I don’t know a lot of people, but once you get to know me, I don’t shut up!

20.   I love Mexican food.  I could eat it three or four times a week.

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