Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday's Top Five Laughs: 10/8

I am sorry I haven't been as active on my blog this week.  It's been a crazy busy week at work and at home.  We are super bummed here in the A Household that the Phillies are out of the play offs.  Congrats to the Cards fans though (especially Julie!).  We have a busy day planned today, we're taking Cecilia to a local orchard for their annual Fall Fest.  Then we are heading down to Southern Delaware to Daniel's step father's house in Lewes for a little family get together.  It will probably be the last time we eat crabs for the season, as the crabbing season on the Chesapeake is winding down.  I promise more posts (and tweets!) next week.

Cecilia's Top Five Laughs from this week were:

1. On Sunday morning while getting Ci dressed I went to put socks on her.  She looked at me and said "I don't wear socks (except when she says socks, she drops the s so it sounds like "ock") I don't go bye, bye!" I told her we weren't going anywhere.  She still refused to put socks on. It was still chilly and I didn't want her walking around with bare feet.  Luckily she did have a pair of Dora slippers she got for Christmas last year that were too big for her then. She agreed to put them on, they just barely fit this year.  Once again Dora saves the day!

2.  On Tuesday at daycare Cecilia got in trouble at daycare for biting a little boy, B who is also her age.  This is Cecilia's first time biting at day care.  B has bit her at least ten times since about March.  I hope she's not getting into the biting stage now.  Anyway, when we got home from daycare we put Cecilia in time out and let her know it was from biting B.  After two minutes in time out was up I made her tell me she was sorry for biting B and that she wouldn't do it again.  When she got up, she ran and got her sock monkey, she brought the monkey over to me, touched his mouth to my leg and then said "No, bad monkey!" She ran over put the monkey in time out and said "Don't bite mommy, monkey! It's not you go in time out for 2 minutes! Then say sorry!"   I was able to snap a pic while she was putting the monkey in time out.

3. We are potty training Cecilia and it's not easy! I thought she'd be potty trained in no time, because my mom said I was super easy to potty train.  She is no longer wearing pull ups while at home, just underwear. This morning while I was getting her dressed she asked me to put her monkey diaper on her. Her monkey diaper is the Luvs diaper we used when she was at daycare. I guess she saw them in her changing table.  Sigh My girl will be going to college and still wanting to wear her monkey diaper!

4. Ci loves her stuffed animals. Every night when she goes to bed she does a roll call of her stuffed animals.  There's my Ellie, there's dolphin, there's ray (sting ray), there's teddy bear, there's piggy, etc.  Well on Sunday her Pop Pop Charley (instead of calling her grandparents by their last name, Ci started calling them Pop pop or Mom mom and then whatever their dog's name is, so my parents are Mom Mom and Pop Pop Cody, Daniel's dad and step mom are Pop Pop Charley and Mom mom Chloe and Daniel's step dad is Pop Pop Ernie, which is his real name or Pop Pop Sinsin, his dog's name is Sinamon) gave her another sock monkey and another elephant. So they have been added to the roll call.... one night the sock monkey wasn't in bed.  "Where's my Pop pop charley monkey?" I don't know I told her.. Then she said "Oh, he's in mommy and daddy room, he sleep with you tonight!" I thought that was so sweet she thought of others, even though the sock monkey was actually in her play room.

5.  When we pick Ci up from daycare she insists on puting all of the toys away.  She'll even try to take toys other kids are playing with and put them away.  It amazes me how she knows what bin toys go in.  Yesterday she must of been baking cookies, she had an oven mit on and was pretending to get something out of the oven.  She insisted on putting every little piece of kitchen toy away in the right spot.  (There had to be 15-20 things out). I love she loves putting her toys away at day care, she  needs to start putting them away at home!

Well, I am off to get Ci and myself ready for the pumpkin patch! Have a great weekend!


LOVE MELISSA:) said...

This is so funny. Dora saves the day! And the picture of her putting the bear in time out. Too precious! Yes let's try to do a linky next week. Want to help?? Happy saturday

Heather said...

Claire does the same thing with the oven mitts but uses mittens. She also cleans so much better at daycare!!

Claire is constantly putting her babies and stuffed animals in time out. You would think she lived in there! On a good note for you, I think she understood why she went in time out since she mimicked the monkey biting!!

Love the dora saves the day line!! How true is that some days?!

etta said...

How awesome that she insists on putting all of the toys away in the right spot! I would definitely be encouraging that behavior to continue. :0)

Connie said...

My daughter had a biting problem....HER DADDY taught her to bite...but softly. I put them both in time out!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

She's adorable!! I love that she reprimanded her monkey for biting. And we just finished up potty training, though are still having relapses which may go on--FOREVER!

Veronica said...

I thought my daughter was going to be in kindergarten in pull ups but one day she surprised me. Hopefully your daughter will surprise you soon.