Monday, August 29, 2011

Bye Bye Irene

Hurricane Irene came and went and Delaware got off pretty easily.  Some areas had a lot of flooding, but we were one of the few states that didn't get hit very hard.  We only lost power once and that was on Saturday afternoon before the storm was really here.

Here's pictures that I took on Sunday after Irene visited our little neck of the woods:
My house (after Irene), luckily the only damage were small branches that fell down!

A bridge less then a mile from my house

More bridge pictures

A bridge about five miles from my house

My silly husband!

My hometown in Maryland...

The carnival grounds in my hometown under water.

My friend took pictures two hours after I did and the road sign was covered.

So sad. :(

Evacuation Route? I think not..

Back road near my house

A closed road (three miles from my house)

Part of one of my grandfather's rental properties

A bridge 2 miles from my house

And one of my favorite pictures from the weekend, before we were stuck inside for 20 plus hours because of Irene, we visited my parents. Here Cecilia is giving my dad a hug bye before he went to work to protect the people of my hometown from Irene.

I hope all of you that were in Irene's path are safe and that you or any of your loved ones didn't have any major damage to your homes.


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