Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Baby

At almost exactly 2:30 am on Sunday morning right as the eye of Hurricane Irene was over Camden, Delaware one of my best friends, Emma's water broke.  That's right during the one of the worst hurricanes Delaware has seen in years my friend goes into labor, three weeks early.  Just her luck.  To make it even better, by the time she got to the hospital she was already nine centimeters dilated, which means no epidural for Emma.  Emma cried. It hurt the first time she gave birth to her now 23 month old son, Gage and she had an epidural then. Poor Emma. I know some of you push the natural child birth thing, and that's great, but like Emma the first thing I asked for when I was told Cecilia was ready to come was the epidural.

Anyway, Emma's little one didn't waste anytime come into this world. Emma pushed three times and out came a beautiful baby girl weighing 7 lbs. and 4 ounces. Now I know many of you are wondering if Emma named said baby, Irene or maybe even Hurricane?  In Emma's words, HELL NO! 

Ladies and gents, I introduce Ms. Bella Cruz (Cruz is her middle name not last name)

Since ya know we were in the middle of a hurricane and I couldn't rush to the hospital yesterday morning when Emma's husband, Shaun sent the text that Bella had arrived  But you can bet that as soon as I got the opportunity yesterday (on my lunch hour) I went over to the hospital to meet Cecilia's future sister in law (Emma and Shaun and Daniel and I have already prearranged that Cecilia will marry Bella's big brother, Gage).

Ms. Bella is gorgeous just like her mommy! She has dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes..

Bella loved making silly faces for me (when she did finally wake up!)

And here I am holding Bella Cruz (please ignore my hair, it looks horrible... I was no in the mood to style it after a sleepeless weekend yesterday morning).

Bella and mommy will hopfully get to come home and join daddy and big brother, Gage hopefully sometime this afternoon!

By the way I totally have baby fever and want another one sooooo bad, but that will have to wait.

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Tim and Patience said...

Tell Emma congrats! I didnt even know they were expecting again! (I am so out of the social loop)