Wednesday, June 6, 2012

8 Weeks

Pregnancy: 8 weeks

Weight Gain: I actually lost two pounds this week!

Sleep: I still have trouble falling to sleep some nights and every night I am up at least once to use the bathroom.

Gender : still undetermined! I thought for sure it was a girl, but this week I am thinking boy….

Names: Boy: Dane Michael, Girl: ??????

Feeling: Exhausted! I was nauseous this week though! I don’t want to even think about eating meat (except for chicken).  The thought of pork or beef makes me want to puke.  Last night I had spaghetti with just marinara sauce, with no meat.

Health: Good, I am still spotting a little, but hopefully that will waver off.  I had my first official doctor’s appointment yesterday and the baby looked great.  He/She was measuring at 8 weeks exactly, but my doctor is going to keep my due date January 12th ( going by the date of my last missed period).  We opted not to do the first trimester screening, we did it with Cecilia and it really doesn't make any difference if the baby will have Downs.  We wouldn't abort it.

Movement: None yet.

Belly: I am still huge!  I know at this point it’s just the baby bloat, but I seriously look 5 months pregnant!  I mean look at this belly????

Sorry for the blurry pic! I took this right before I left this morning!

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Anonymous said...

The baby bloat is the worst! When I was 8-10 weeks after a big meal I easily looked 5 months pregnant.