Thursday, March 1, 2012

Operation Birthday Party 3.0 Has Began

In a little less than two months my baby will be three!  I promise this won’t turn into a sappy post (I will save that for her actual birthday!).   Before we even had kids Daniel and I made the decision not to do huge birthday parties for our kids every year.  I have a huge, close knit extended family on my mom’s side.  My mom is the baby of eight, I have over twenty first cousins and all, but four of my cousins have kids and now the third generation (my cousin’s kids) are having kids! All of us with the exception of one uncle and one cousin live within three hours of one another so that means family get togethers are huge.  We had almost 100 people at Cecilia’s birthday party and that was mostly family.  So needless to say we are saving the big parties for the big years, 1, 5, 10, 13, 16, etc…

That doesn’t mean that I don’t want Cecilia to have a memorable birthday party every year.  We still invite  our parents, Daniel’s sisters and their families, my grandfather and a few of our close friends, but it's not quite on the scale of her first birthday.  This is the first year that Cecilia truly knows what a birthday party is.  She has been planning her party since Christmas.  She has informed us she wants a Hello Kitty party, with Hello Kitty plates, Hello Kitty napkins, a Hello Kitty cake, Hello Kitty balloons and I can’t forget the Hello Kitty hats.  So guess what kind of party she will have? A Hello Kitty Birthday Party!
Her only requirements for the invitations were they had to be pink, have Hello Kitty on it and balloons!  Since I don’t have a lot creative skills I turned to my favorite go to website for all things homemade, ETSY.  I heart ETSY! Seller Bee83  had an invitation that met all of Cecilia’s requirements, I contacted her yesterday and within three hours I had this perfect invitation!
I printed fifteen them off today at my local CVS (for free thanks to a coupon code!) and in three weeks they will be mailed off to our family and friends.  I have been searching Pinterest and the rest of the internet for Hello Kitty birthday party ideas.  I hope to give Cecilia her dream Hello Kitty party!

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